We thrive Distribution
with warm introductions


For a select number of Risk Mitigation,- and Private Markets Asset Managers we develop distribution strategies. Our institutional business development process is aligned with these asset manager and integrated with their in-house sales and marketing teams.

Business Development

Structured business development process focused on key institutional investors

Trustworthy Relationships

Warm introductions based on long standing trustworthy relationships

Customised Solutions

Translating investors preferences into customized solutions

We support the firms that we represent as a strategic partner. Our marketing strategy is focused on outlining the edge of the asset manager we represent and educating the asset class.

Educational Documentation

We translate research into suitable educational documentation


We organise seminars and round tables focused on research

Relevant Topics

We publish our own white papers regarding relevant topics

Risk Mitigation is Needed

In line with Hyman Minsky, we believe that stability leads to instability. Believing this and realising that institutional investment portfolios have become more vulnerable to downturns due to the fact that they have become less active and diversified made us search for solutions. This research has resulted in in the outcome that risk mitigation strategies, first introduced by CALSTRS, are the solution and should therefore be a core component of institutional investments portfolio’s. The risk mitigation approach is an innovation whereby part of the portfolio is allocated to strategies that have an academic foundation to offer tail risk protection.

Alternative Credit is Evolving

In the aftermath of the great financial crisis, QE entered the markets, a zero-interest rate environment emerged, financial regulations reduced bank balance sheets and a new alternative credit landscape was formed. Disintermediation resulted in pension funds moving into residential mortgages, trade finance has become an evolving asset class and new alternative credit fintech platforms are shaping the industry. We are able to add value to this evolving landscape by introducing new players to institutional investors and bank originators to capital market players with the help of fintech platforms.